Is there anything more open to debate than the best way to make fried chicken? And we’re not talking that “fake” fried stuff made in an oven or Instant Pot. Your great-grandmama’s rolling in her grave even thinking about abusing her prized secret recipe this way, and calling it fried. Huh uh—no sir. For genuine deep-fried chicken, you need a deep fryer, period. Try these options the next time you coat a bird in your secret blend of herbs and spices.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This Lodge Dutch oven is attractive, versatile, and lends itself well to stovetop cookery. Lodge

A cast iron pot with the capacity to hold enough hot oil to float chicken pieces is the traditional way to deep fry chicken. This porcelain-enameled six-quart Dutch oven is heavy and thick enough to heat your cooking oil to 370 degrees and hold it there while cooking the chicken for the required 20 minutes or so.

Electric Deep Fryer

Deep-frying fans can’t miss with this easy-to-use and clean electric deep fryer. Masterbuilt

This extra-large capacity electric deep fryer can cook up to five pounds of chicken pieces at a time. Its many features include a frying basket and oil discharge valve, and it doubles as a steamer or boiler. It uses a timer, and the temp gauge gives you precise heating control. Clean-up is a snap with the dishwasher-safe pot, basket, lid and drain valve, a real plus with any deep fryer.

Air Deep Fryer

This air fryer offers a healthy alternative for deep frying your chicken. COSORI

Fried chicken cooked to perfection using 85 percent less oil? Welcome to the Cosori Air Fryer. This eight-quart model is ample for cooking five pounds of fried chicken or wings. The unit is extremely versatile and easy to use with its pre-set, one-touch cooking settings. The cooking basket is dish-washer safe. Did we mention it uses less cooking oil?