How to Properly Store and Display Your Guitar

It’s fun and decor!

A guitar is a beautiful piece of equipment—precise, careful, efficient and joyous. You could keep your guitar in a case, which would be the safest option, but you may not have the closet or under-bed space for it.Displaying a guitar out in the open in some way is undoubtedly a nicer way to make your home feel musical.

Padded Hook

This one won’t scratch your instrument while it’s displayed. String Swing


Hanging a guitar on the wall is inexpensive and a great way to take advantage of vertical space, especially in cramped apartments. But guitars are expensive, and you absolutely don’t want to install your cradle haphazardly. Figure out what kind of wall you’re working with: if you can screw a hanger directly into a stud, that’s great. If not, make sure to invest in a high-quality drywall anchor.

Very Versatile

This product has adjustable widths to fit nearly any axe. AmazonBasics


If you’re going to keep your guitar on display, outside its case, there are some measures you should take to ensure it’s taken care of. Keep the guitar away from any sources of heat or moisture, like a radiator or humidifier. Excess heat can cause the wood to swell, dryness can cause it to crack and too much humidity can encourage the growth of mold, especially on the inside of acoustic guitars, which is usually untreated wood.

Easy to Assemble

Two interlocking pieces slide together easily, then presto, you’re done. CAHAYA


When looking for a guitar display, think about your living situation. If you have kids or large clumsy dogs, a floor stand probably isn’t the right choice for you; they can easily be knocked over. Likewise, wall hangers can be less than ideal if you’re uncomfortable drilling holes in the wall, or if you want the option to move your guitar around to display in different parts of your home.