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Food containers are a lifesaver when it comes to meal prepping and leftovers. They help to keep your food fresh and full of flavor in a way that also saves space in your refrigerator. Quite the win-win. However, a food container’s usability goes beyond just holding your lunch or dinner. Food containers are great for a number of other things. Here are a few ideas of where you can use them throughout the house.

For Food

Keep Perishables Fresh

As the name suggests, the best way to use these is to store things you eat. Prep Naturals

Glass food containers make for the ideal way to store all types of food. From veggies to full meals, these food containers keep your food fresh and keep the flavor locked in. The glass container allows you to easily warm or freeze the food inside. (However, be sure to not microwave the lids since they have plastic on them.) Additionally, the size helps keep your portion sizes in check. They are the perfect size to keep you from eating too much, and also to keep you from limiting yourself too much on how much food you eat.

For Office Supplies

Office Organization

If you don’t know where to put your paper clips and pens, use one of these. Rubbermaid

If you’re looking for a practical way to store your office supplies that also lets you see what stock you’ve got, grab some food containers. Plastic ones will keep things lightweight so you can throw these containers up in a closet or on higher shelving for items you don’t use every day. Pens, sticky notes, staples, anything small will fit in your food containers.

For Toiletries

Bathrooms can get messy quickly, but you can solve that problem with the help of these storage products. fullstar

Bathrooms are one of the quickest rooms in the house to get cluttered. This is likely because they are usually the smallest, and a lot of toiletries are packed into this small room. Bring food containers into your bathroom to create a great organization system that will make you feel like you have more space than you actually do.