Three Reasons You Need a Hydroponic Garden Tent

Growing vegetables or herbs indoors is easy, especially if you contain everything in a makeshift greenhouse.

Once you’ve gone hydroponic, not only are you managing almost everything about growing herbs and veggies, you’re actually controlling it. A grow tent is a big part of that equation since it helps control temperature, light and humidity, as well as how your indoor project affects the atmosphere in the rest of the house. Here’s why it’s a great idea to add a tent to your hydroponics system.

A Controlled Environment

A ventilation fan helps regulate temperature. VIVOSUN

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Hydroponics lets you control the growing environment for maximum yield, as well as protects your plants from weather, pests or diseases from the outdoors.

Energy Efficiency

The inside coating concentrates and evenly disperses available light. OPULENT SYSTEMS

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A hydroponics grow tent is energy efficient because it can concentrate light and thus reduce the amount of energy needed to produce it. This improves photosynthesis and plant growth.

Blocks Allergens and Odors

Comes in a variety of sizes to suit your space, and requires zero tools to build. CoolGrows

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Some plants generate odors and others produce allergens that may affect your family, and large indoor hydroponics systems may impact humidity levels in your home. Grow tents for indoor systems can help contain any possible negative effects that might alter your home’s atmosphere.