How to Improve Your Home’s Water Quality

Filters can remove a long list of contaminants from H2O and provide your family the coldest, cleanest water they can drink.

Clean, potable water is a luxury that most of us take for granted. But the truth is, not even first-world infrastructure can guarantee the water coming out of your tap or refrigerator is perfectly safe to drink. Pesticides, heavy metals, excessive chlorine, and other contaminants should be legitimate concerns for every household. Guard against such hazards with one of these highly rated water filters.

Works on 99% of Contaminants

Before you buy, make sure to check the make and model for compatibility with your appliance. EveryDrop

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Practically every modern refrigerator has an integrated water source with a filter that has to be periodically changed. For the safest, best-tasting water, look for a broad-spectrum filter that processes a wide range of contaminants, from parasites to pharmaceuticals.

Premium Components

This one attaches to your tap and works through the pipes. iSpring

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One of the most convenient sources of household drinking water is an in-sink tap connected to an undercounter purification system. A multi-stage reverse-osmosis unit is a discrete and compact way to ensure quality water for your family.

Space Saver

If you’d rather skip installation, a jug for your fridge is a great way to get clean water. Brita

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Jug-style filters are an economical means of removing many toxins without the expense of a whole-house system. Simply fill from the tap, store on a countertop or in the refrigerator, and let gravity do the rest.