Three Keys to Building an Indoor Herb Garden

Thanks to some ingenious designs and setups, growing your own herbs year-round is easy, fun, and a great way to add additional freshness to your recipes.

Growing herbs indoors
Herbs are fairly resilient plants and can grow in nearly any corner of your home.Click & Grow

Maybe you’ve been channeling your inner Julia Child; or Jaques Pepin’s been chasing you in your dreams of provincial French cooking expertise. Whatever the reason you need to be able to pluck the freshest herbs from your indoor garden immediately before your recipe beckons for it. It has become a necessity, and the variety of available indoor herb garden systems should make it easy. Here are three things to consider as you choose the best setup for you.

Garden Size

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden
This self-contained growing system has room for nine herb plants.AeroGarden

Herbs will grow indoors, and some grow fast! Most folks won’t need a large quantity for cooking, so you probably want to start small and grow into your herb garden rather than have it overwhelm you. One or two plants each will likely be more than enough for your kitchen.


Burpee Home Professional Two Tier Grow Light
This compact, self-contained system is only 40-inches high by 27-inches wide.Burpee

Somewhat related to the size question is where’s the best location? If your system has grow lights, then a sunny location for your garden isn’t required, and if your ambient room temp is the normal 65 to 72 range, your herbs will be fine most anywhere. Table-top sized indoor herb growing systems lend themselves to a countertop if you have the room, which makes it convenient for cooking.


Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Indoor Home Garden
This hydroponics system calls for you to simply add seed pods and water, plug in and watch it grow.Click & Grow

How much fuss do you want to make over your indoor herb garden? Some systems are automated and will alert you when water or fertilizer is needed, taking the guess work (and for some, the fun) out of managing your plants.