Indoor Herb Growers That Don’t Need to Be Next to a Window

For too long, gardening only for people with yards or lots of natural light. No longer!

A whole new crop of LED-based growing systems have sprouted up, allowing anyone to cultivate herbs, greens and even certain vegetables right on your countertop.

This planter can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled with an Alexa device. AeroGarden

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Indoor gardens today have special timers to turn the LED lights on and off, to simulate the light of a long summer’s day. Some use soil; others use a hydroponic system, in which the plant’s roots dip right into water which has nutrients dissolved into it.

The front panel alerts you when to add water and plant food. AeroGarden

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Indoor LED systems aren’t good for huge crops, but they’re excellent for plants like herbs and greens, which grow very quickly. They can also save you money—no more buying huge bundles of herbs, only to use a small amount and watch the rest wilt.

This soilless garden’s LEDs can tilt up to 135°, allowing your greens to grow in any direction while still providing them the nutrients they need. VegeBox

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Herbs can be tricky to grow if you don’t have the right atmosphere for them. They need a ton of light. Far too many of us have tried to put a cute little pot with some basil, some parsley, or some oregano next to what we considered a sunny window, only to find the plants struggling or dying. LED systems solve that problem by simply providing their own light.