iPhone Adapter Dongles for Your Headphones

Don’t let your iPhone’s missing 3.5 mm jack cramp your private-listening style.

Headphone jacks have been MIA from iPhones since Apple debuted the iPhone 7 in September 2016. These days, you can’t buy a new iPhone with a 3.5 mm port for your earbuds, and the iPad Pro also dropped them in 2018. What’s a user addicted to private listening to do? Thankfully, there are a number of dongles on the market so you don’t have to toss your old 3.5 mm headphones or buy an expensive wireless pair or new ones with a flat lightning connector. There’s only one catch: The dongles fit into the iPhone’s remaining lightning port, so if you want to charge and listen at the same time, you’ll need to get creative.

Double Duty

It supports 24-bit 48kHz uncompressed lossless audio output, which offers high fidelity while gaming, driving and working out. Deermeak


If you don’t want to invest in a wireless charging pad or switch to lightning-based headphones, you can get a dongle that has a lightning connector on one end that plugs into your iPhone and an adapter at the other end with a port for your charger and one for your 3.5 mm headphones. It’s a cheaper alternative than a wireless charging pad, and it charges more quickly.

High Fidelity

This model supports simultaneous listening and charging. UWECAN


For those who are happy to switch over to lightning-connector headphones but still want to be able to use them and charge the phone at the same time, there are nifty dongles that attach to your phone’s lightning port on top and have a lightning port on each side, one for the headphones and one for the charger. As an added convenience, they work with phone-call headsets.


Its 100% copper wire core provides high-speed and stable signal transmission for clear, crisp sound quality. Woodford Design


An inexpensive and streamlined solution to the missing 3.5 mm port is an adapter with a lightning connector on one end and a 3.5 mm port at the other end for your old headphone jack. The sound is still great, but there’s a drawback: It lacks mic and audio control support for third-party headphones, so you won’t be able to use the in-line mic and controls to talk to Siri, take a call or skip a song.

Compact Size

This one comes with advanced noise-reduction technology and supports up to 48kHz, 26-bit audio. Mangotek


An adapter with a lightning connector on one end and a 3.5 mm port at the other end isn’t just for headphones. With a 3.5 mm aux cable, you can hook up your iPhone to your car for drive-time listening. But you still won’t be able to use your phone-call headset.

The cable is made of nylon braided materials, as well as textured aluminum and tin-plated copper, so it’s flexible and strong enough to withstand heavy use. Autynie


If you want to make an iPhone dongle-to-car connection without an extra cord, you can buy a cable with a lightning connector at one end and a 3.5 mm jack at the other. It also connects to external speakers, and if you hook it up to a 3.5 mm headphone adapter, it can go perfectly with your old earbuds too.