Experts say the average person spends 2.5 days every year (or 6 months over a lifetime) looking for lost items—usually remote controls, keys and phones. That’s a lot of time and money, considering that replacing lost items adds up to $2.7 billion every year. Check out this tech designed to save you a bunch of searching time (and dollars).

This device finds your stuff within a 200 foot range. Tile

Key trackers are a versatile tool since you can attach them to basically any item you’re prone to misplacing—your key ring, wallet, backpack or even your pet. For the widest range of uses, look for a device that tracks within a 200-foot Bluetooth range.

This kit includes twice the options so you can choose between hanging tag and credit card style devices. Tile

Many trackers use an app on your phone to track your misplaced stuff. Just open the app and ping your missing item. Sometimes that lost thing is your phone—about a third of the time actually—so many systems allow you to double click the tracker to make your phone ring, even if it’s set to silent.

This option includes a tracing device and multiple tags for keeping tabs on half a dozen things. Esky

Of course, key trackers only work if you can hear them, so look for styles that ring at about 80 decibels—about as loud as a standard alarm clock or garbage disposal. For convenience, make sure the batteries are easy to replace (like CR2032 coin cell batteries).