There are plenty of kid’s sprinkler sets to choose from, and also some great features that come with them that provide the ultimate experience. Some of the features that both you are your kids will love in a kid’s sprinkler set include interactive learning, features for babies to enjoy, and a large enough pool for all to enjoy. Here’s how to know you’re getting one your kids will enjoy all summer.

Help your child identify colors, point out animals, or recite the alphabet while they play. SplashEZ

Kids spend a lot of time in front of screens. Some of that time is learning, and a lot of it is recreation. How about killing two birds with one stone without the need for a screen? Try a kid’s sprinkler set that takes them away from TVs and phones and puts them outside where they can play and learn. Look for a kid’s sprinkler set that helps with developing social, emotional, and cognitive behaviors.

For Little Ones

A backrest and awning at the top provide a comfy place to play. SwimSchool

You know you’ve found the right kid’s sprinkler set when it’s something your toddler and your baby can enjoy at the same time. There are sets that will keep your toddler and his or her friends occupied for hours but will also have your baby learning numbers and shapes right there alongside. Kids sprinkler sets like this are safe for babies as they have a shallow wading pool that keeps the water from getting too deep for the little ones.

Adjust the height of the spray with your hose! Zen Laboratory

A kid’s sprinkler set that is large and easy to set up is a dream come true for both you and your kiddos. The size of a sprinkler set like this allows kids to enjoy a kiddie pool, a slip ‘n slide, and water toys all in one. Think of it as a mini waterpark without the lines and without the ticket price.