Three Kitchen Essentials For Better Baking

A few simple utensils can help you make the best cookies and cakes you’ve ever created.

Of all the culinary skills a home chef must possess, baking is one of the most basic yet hardest to master. Cooking temperature, bake time, ingredient ratios, leavening agents, and even atmospheric conditions can conspire to make your bunt cake or souffle a soggy flop. But like most things, good results start with good tools. Begin with a quality baking pan, and then build your kitchen competence with these helpful accessories. Here’s how.

Compatible With Parchment Paper

A reliable baking pan that’s easy to clean is essential to every kitchen. Nordic Ware

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An all-purpose baking pan should be large enough to handle everything from roasted vegetables to hot-pan dishes or a simple batch of biscuits. Look for a pan made of a material that heats evenly, won’t warp at high temperatures, and is easy to clean.

Easy to Clean

Cooling racks are often tough to cleanse—try to find one that can go in the machine. Ultra Cuisine

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A basic wire mesh that nests atop the baking pan is useful for many things, from cooling cookies to drying jerky or roasting a chicken. That said, the fine mesh can be stubborn to clean, so make your life easier and opt for a rack that is certified dishwasher safe.

No Oil Required

If you don’t want to clean a lot of dishes, use liners to help contain accidental spillovers. AmazonBasics

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A baking liner simplifies clean-up and reduces waste in the form of spent tin foil or parchment paper. Just wipe off excess drippings, wash with hot, soapy water, and pat dry. If cholesterol is a concern, a baking mat can also minimize the need for oils or cooking sprays.