The CPU or central processing unit is basically the brain of your laptop. Overwork it, and it will heat up from around 95-120F (the normal temperature when idle) to as much as 185F or even higher. Too hot and it can crash, or even damage hardware, so finding a way of keeping it cool is essential for the life of your machine. Here’s what to look for in a laptop cooling pad.

Available with red or blue LEDS, this ultra-light, three-fan device helps keep your notebook’s temperature down and comes with a dual USB hub. Amazon

Most laptop coolers work by having fans that help to keep the external casing cool, dispersing the heat from your laptop via the metal of the stand that contains the fans. Before you buy, make sure that the cooler that you’re buying is the right size for your laptop, and make a decision about how many fans you want. More fans can mean better cooling properties, but it can also make it noisier, and if you’re running them from a USB port on your computer, more fans will take more power.

With illumination that increases with the speed of the blower, and an adjustable height stand for improved posture, this computer-chilling gadget has all bases covered. Amazon

While its principle purpose is to cool your laptop, devices like this can do double duty. Find one with adjustable legs, and it can be used as a laptop stand—if you do this, think about getting a separate keyboard and mouse to help improve your posture. They can also work as a USB hub, allowing you to connect additional devices to your computer.

A five-fan chiller with six wind speeds and three modes. A small digital display indicates the operating speed, and it can tilt to several preset options, depending on your preference. Amazon

More sophisticated laptop coolers have LED lights so the underside is lit up when in motion, and the brightness can vary with fan speed. Others may offer the possibility of adjusting how many fans are operating at any one time, and how fast they’re operating so you can modify the amount of power your cooler is using based on what your laptop needs.