Shampoo that only washes dirt out of your hair isn’t doing your hair any good in the long run. Modern shampoo formulas focus on specific areas of your hair that need help. From dry scalp, to dead ends, to product build-up and beyond, there is a shampoo for everything. Maintenance shampoo is always at the top of the list, as it does the job of keeping your hair in tip-top shape. There are different types of maintenance shampoos, including ones that will strengthen hair, rid of product build-up, and repair colored hair. Here’s how to know which one is right for you.

Strengthen Hair

Normal wear and tear on hair can be damaging, so get a maintenance shampoo made for strengthening. BUYWOW

Normal life can be damaging to your hair. When you add in things such as bad air quality, a poor diet, and heat damage, it’s a surprise your hair is able to survive. It may feel as if it’s barely surviving, so that’s a sign it’s time to get a strengthening maintenance shampoo. Look for something that has apple cider vinegar in it to help to clean your hair with the right nutrients. A strengthening shampoo helps to balance the pH levels in your hair, which leads to stronger, more luscious locks.

Remove Build Up

Most of us are putting some sort of product in our hair, and normal shampoo doesn’t always get rid of it. Tea Tree

It feels impossible to do your hair without putting some sort of product in to keep it looking fresh throughout the day. Regardless of what product you use, much of it remains in your hair after a normal shampoo. Basic shampoos don’t get the job done, so you want a maintenance shampoo that will get rid of that product build-up. One that has tea tree oil in it provides a safe way to cut product without drying out your hair. Other ingredients such as peppermint and lavender help give your hair shine, and help it smell great, too.

Repair Color

Coloring your hair will turn your locks against you. BIOLAGE

Hair coloring is a very popular thing but is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair. The chemicals required to keep that color strong do not agree with your hair, and can throw your hair into a deep, dark place. That’s where a maintenance shampoo comes in that focuses on repairing colored hair. This type of shampoo helps keep your color from fading and gives it more life. It does this while also being gentle enough to keep your hair free of damage.