Three Reasons You Need to Take an MCT Oil Supplement

With the popularity of Keto diets, so has the popularity of MCT oil.

Chances are good you’ve heard of MCT oil and have heard it’s good for you. But do you know what it is? Just in case you don’t, here’s a run-down. MCT oil stands for medium chain triglycerides, and it’s a supplement that provides your body some amazing benefits including weight loss, brain power, and improved gut health. With one thing claiming to do all these things, it’s easy to dismiss it as hearsay. However, the positive effects of MCT oil on your body are proven and backed by science. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider adding it to your daily supplement routine.

Weight Loss

Your body will crave fewer carbs when you’re ingesting MCT oil. Sports Research

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Looking to cut carbs from your life? Consider turning to MCT oil for help. By adding this oil to your diet, you will have fewer cravings for fatty carbs because your body uses MCTs more efficiently than carbs, making it the perfect candidate for fuel replacement when your body is running low. MCT oil also gives you more energy and higher levels of fat oxidation, which translates into weight loss without the risk of increased cholesterol levels, and without sacrificing your muscles.

Brain Power

Studies have shown MCT oil can improve brain performance. Nature’s Way

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Two MCT oils (C8 and C10) are fuel for your brain. Studies prove MCT oil increases learning memory and it helps increase the function of mitochondria in your brain. MCTs can cause your body to produce more ketones, which are known to be a better way of fueling your brain than other chemicals like glucose.

Improved Gut Health

MCT oils can help your gut health. Viva Naturals

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If you suffer from gut issues, try adding MCT oil to your daily regimen. MCT oil will help your body have a higher fat intake when you’re on a keto diet because the oils are able to easily work through your digestive system. MCT oil is also a great way to help your body absorb the healthy fat and nutrients you that balance the flora in your gut.