Three Men’s Pant Styles Perfect for Lounging

Take your pick from among these styles of men’s’ casual pants to meet your off duty, lounging needs.

There’s just no way around it. You get home from work and you shed those business-casual pants like they itch. You’ve got your favorite lounging pants and you put them on, and wear them, and keep wearing them until you can’t anymore. When there’s more patches than original pant material, or you’re receiving multiple warnings from the fashion police, here are some replacement casual or lounging pants to keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Drawstring Waist

These come in lots of colors and sizes, and feature two hip pockets and a zip fly. CHEROKEE

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There’s a reason guys wear scrubs and it probably isn’t because of a deep-seated General Hospital fantasy. Scrubs are loose and comfortable and as easy to wear running errands as they are knocking around the house. In addition to fit, look for a wider elastic waistband and drawstring, and the number of pockets you prefer.

Classic Style

You get a trio of this checkered option in one pack. DG Hill

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Nothing says “off-duty” like sleep pants! Typically made of comfortably soft cotton or fleece, they’re perfect for binge-watching the entire Star Trek or Wagon Train catalog of episodes.

Cinched Cuffs for Athletic Fit

Super roomy and made for chillaxing. Hanes

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Sweatpants used to be for, well, sweating, or working out, which works great for guys who prefer wearing their six-pack instead of drinking one. But sweats are popular loungewear for hanging about because they’re extremely comfortable, and you can always say you’re about to start working out!