V-neck undershirts are the ultimate basic garment in a man’s closet. But have you considered this basic to be a necessity? You should, because this staple can serve many different purposes. When you’re picking out V-neck undershirts, there are some things you want to look for. First of all, you want the undershirt to be made of cotton. That will ensure you stay comfortable while wearing it. Second, you want to make sure it is machine washable since you will be wearing it on a regular basis. Third, you want it to be comfortable. Many people also prefer their undershirts to be tagless so you don’t deal with an itchy tag all day.

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Keep things professional by laying an undershirt under something sheer. Gildan

This trick isn’t exclusive to men. Women also wear undershirts to help cover up when they put a sheer top on. For men, wearing an undershirt keeps chest hair from showing through. If visible chest hair is your thing, then go for it. But if it’s not, or if you’re heading to the office, then put on an undershirt to keep things professional and under wraps.

Sweat stains are never going to be in style. Amazon Essentials

No one likes to deal with sweat stains on their shirts. First of all, they can be embarrassing. That big yellow stain visible to everyone? It’s not a good look. Second, sweat stains have the potential to ruin a nice shirt. If you’re worried about this then invest in some V-neck undershirts that will help to absorb sweat and keep your nice shirt safe, clean, and dry. Some undershirts are made of sweat-wicking material that ensure your top shirt stays in tip-top shape.

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Some dress shirts look nice but are very uncomfortable. Hanes

If you’re someone who has sensitive skin and reacts to having buttons and seams rubbing against your skin, then a men’s V-neck undershirt is a good idea. The undershirt creates a barrier between your skin and the button-up shirt on top that causes the problems. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, an undershirt ensures that no matter what shirt you’re wearing on top, you will stay comfortable (and still remain stylish).