Microphone Boom Arm Stands for All Your Audio Projects

Boom arm stands are a space-saving, extremely customizable way to position a microphone just where it needs to be.

Microphone positioning is key for maximizing your sound quality. Go into pretty much any professional sound studio and you’ll find boom arm stands; they’re perfect for easily adjusting the mic to be right where it needs to be. But they’re not especially expensive, and can be a great upgrade for anyone using a microphone.

Foldable Space-Saver

Crafted of steel, this product can handle equipment weighing up to 3.5 pounds. Amazon

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Many boom arm stands use a C-clamp type for mounting. This sort of mechanism simply adjusts with a screw to any table thickness; it’s great if you’re anticipating removing the boom arm at the end of the day or moving between multiple locations.

Includes Accessories

With a 700mm height and width adjustment window, this product comes with a variety of extras and can rotate 360 degrees—perfect for beginners. Amazon

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Not all microphones have the same size for a mount; as a matter of fact, not all microphones actually can be mounted. The ⅜-inch size is sometimes known as “European standard” while ⅝-inch is known as “USA standard,” though that’s not necessarily consistent. In any case, check your mic before you buy a stand, or ensure that the stand comes with an adapter to accept either size.

Hidden Mechanisms

All of the springs and even cable management are hidden inside the arm of this product, reducing clutter. Amazon

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This sort of audio equipment might seem like it’s only for some kind of professional studio—but in fact, many of us can benefit from them. If you’re doing a lot of video chats and meetings for work, if you like to stream games on Twitch, if you want to record a podcast—a microphone boom arm is ideal for keeping a microphone right where you want it.