According to The Guinness Book of Records, the world’s largest fridge requires 10,800 tons of coolant (in the form of liquid nitrogen) to stay cold. It is located in the Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland—the 9,300 magnets that it contains need to be chilled to a certain temperature to keep it operating properly. But if all you want to chill is a pizza and some beers, you probably don’t need anything nearly that big—here are some slightly smaller options…

Modern Design

With adjustable legs and a door that can be fitted with the hinges on either side, this small refrigerator will slide into even the smallest space, and even manages to fit in a tiny freezer compartment too. Also available in larger 3.2 and 4.6 cu. ft. models and with separate freezer compartments. BLACK+DECKER

If you’ve got a space that is about 20″ by 20″ by 20″ and an outlet, you can fit a fridge in it—much smaller and you might struggle to find one that fits. But in a space that size, you’ll probably manage to fit a fridge with a capacity of around 1.6 cubic ft. That means being selective about what you fit in it. The door might be able to handle four smallish cans and a bottle and while you’ll have a freezer compartment, in a fridge this small, it won’t fit much more than an ice cube tray, or a couple of ice cream bars.

Budget Friendly

This small refrigerator is available in sizes ranging from a 1.6 cubic feet to a 4.6 cubic feet. Those looking for a larger model can opt for a whopping 7.6 cubic feet, double-door version. Frigidaire

If you know that you need a small refrigerator but you’re not quite so tight on space, think about what you’re going to want to store in it. If you’re buying it as a separate drinks fridge, for a snug or playroom, it might be worth looking for dedicated drinks fridges as they tend not to come with a freezer section and instead have shelves evenly spaced shelves. Whereas mini refrigerators destined for general use will also have features like a fruit and vegetable drawer — which are great if you want to store fruit and veg, but aren’t such an efficient use of space if you just want to store drinks.

Space Maximizer

Vintage styled but with modern features, this appliance has a self-contained section for items that need to stay on ice, large enough to accommodate a whole chicken as well as in-door storage. Also available in green, red, silver and white. Antarctic Star

If being able to freeze items is important to you, look for a fridge with a separate freezer compartment and separate door, rather than one built into the top of the fridge. These have a larger capacity that then integrated compartments and tend to be more reliable and maintain their temperature better — not least because the freezer isn’t affected every time you open the door of the fridge.

Also Consider:

Multiple Color Options

This model has a flush back, making it easy to place against a wall or in a corner. It contains a beverage dispenser for cans, as well an area for 2-liter bottles. RCA