Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents To Keep Biting Critters at Bay

Banish the misery of mosquito bites with these clever devices

In ancient Egypt, they used to burn castor oil in lamps to help keep biting bugs away. And while in recent years, citronella candles have been used to do the same, the most hi-tech approach is a plug-in ultrasonic pest repellent. Fend off those mosquitos with one of these effective repellents.

Kid-Safe and Environmentally-Friendly

Package of half a dozen devices provides whole-home coverage and odorless, non-toxic protection against a range of unwanted vermin. GLOUE


The theory behind ultrasonic pest repellents is that they generate sound waves that are unpleasant to pests like mosquitos and mice, but are far beyond the hearing range of humans or pets, making them inaudible to most of the household. Most ultrasonic pest repellers can effectively cover and control an area of between 800 and 1200 square feet, so one device per room is usually recommended.

Many Levels of Protection

This product comes with three different settings and can cover a range of up to 120 square meters. Neatmaster


It’s worth remembering that ultrasonic waves can’t pass through solid material and walls. Make sure your device isn’t behind any furniture and that doors and windows are left closed to keep the waves within the room. If your outlets are hidden by a couch, bed, or something else, consider getting an extension cord that will allow you to freely plug in an ultrasonic pest repeller.

Comes With Nightlight Function

Offering silent but effective management of all sorts of insects and vermin, this set of devices will cover a half-dozen rooms of up to 1600 square feet each. Bocianelli


If you’re looking for a pest repellent to take with you while traveling, always make sure to consult with your primary care doctor and check the medical advice given by the government of the country to which you are traveling. Some may recommend nets or sprays that contain particular compounds, while others may recommend malaria medications, depending where in the world you are going.