Three Keys for Selecting Your Next Multi-guitar Rack

Guitar racks can keep your instruments safe, upright, and protect from accidents on stage.

While it would definitely be cool to have a personal roadie swapping out your guitars whenever you need to switch, most of us mere mortals need to find a more mundane solution to storing and accessing our guitars. Finding a multi-guitar rack that works for you boils down to how many guitars you have, how hard you are on them and your rack, and how much space you have to fit them in.

Instrument Protection

It’s padded at all contact points and folds for easy transport. Hercules

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How many guitars will your rack need to hold? Rack options include dual, triple or multiple guitar racks, including some that are expandable. Consider whether the configuration of the rack allows quick access. Consider also whether your guitar’s body shape is compatible (check your flying vees).

Extra Mobility

This one is portable so you can take it to practices and gigs. Best Choice Products

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If your multi-guitar rack travels with you, it needs to be roadworthy. Solid construction, ease of foldability, durability of moving parts, portability and weight are all factors to consider. Is the foam insulation compatible with both nitro and polymer finishes on your guitar? A warranty is always a good idea.

Hardwood Construction

This stylish wooden rack won’t harm the finish of even the most delicate axe finish. String Swing

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The amount of available space might dictate the most efficient rack configuration. Small rooms or stages where space is at a premium call for a rack with more storage per square inch than others. The trick is to balance access with storage—a rack is of little use if you can’t reach your guitar!