Three Ways to Organize Tools in Your Garage or Shop

Getting tools off the ground and arranged on a wall is a terrific way to quickly find what you’re looking for.

One the pitfalls of being an avid do-it-yourselfer is the tendency to accumulate more tools than there is space to store them. But as with any home-improvement project, the answer usually lies in—you guessed it—more tools! Or rather, more tool holders. Whether you need a space for handled implements, cased tools, or just want to preemptively fill up some wall space with accommodations for tools you didn’t even know you needed yet, there is a solution close at hand. Here are three nifty tool keepers sure to get the job done.

Wire Storage Racks

Wire racks are easy to install and very strong for the weight. FLEXIMOUNTS

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Shelving is a must for any tool junkie. Sure, you could build your own, but a prefabricated system is simpler than a home-made unit and is usually more versatile. Wire racks are lightweight, easy to mount, and perfect for storing anything from the empty cases of tools that stay in constant use, to coolers, storage bins, and boxes of all kinds. Just be sure to mount the rack into a stud system to ensure the manufacturer’s full weight capacity.

Handled Tools

You don’t need a high weight capacity organizer for small, everyday, light tools like brooms. Berry Ave

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For light-duty handled tools like brooms, mops, wire rakes and the like, a simple clamp rack will keep things organized and close at hand. A unit with a 30-plus pound weight capacity and no-slip cams is all you need to prevent clutter and keep everyday tools from disappearing when you need them.

Heavy Duty Racks

Strong, heavy-gauge metal hooks are a great way to hang heavy tools like shovels and picks. Inteli-topia

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For storing heavier tools, consider investing in some metal hooks you can mount either to a wall stud or directly into sheetrock with the aid of a drywall anchor. Tool hooks that have two prongs allow you to hang heavier tools, such as picks and shovels, by the working end while also offering a convenient place to suspend ladders, bikes, power tools, and other heavy items that are best kept off the floor and out of the way.