Three Features You Need in an Outlet Timer

Outlet timers are a great way to save time and money, and illuminate your home, even when you’re not there.

Imagine using items in your house whenever you need without plugging and unplugging them. This is easy with the help of outlet timers. They not only will make your life simpler, they can also save you money since your outlets will not be wasting energy when they aren’t in use. It turns out that appliances suck up energy when they’re plugged in yet not in use but, thankfully, an outlet timer can help with that. Here’s how to know you’re getting one that will work for the rooms in your home.

Backup Battery

This one saves your settings even in the event of a power outage. BN-LINK

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So, you got a new TV you’re excited to try, and you finally have it all set up. The time has come to plug it in. You crawl behind your TV console to get the power going, and crawl back out only to find your TV isn’t turning on. Why? Because your outlet isn’t working. Thanks to indicator lights on outlet timers, you’ll know right away whether your TV will power on. This will save you from crawling out of the console and back into it again.

Share Devices

These devices can connect with multiple users. T TECKIN

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As mentioned above, outlets are not always placed in the most convenient spots. In fact, many times people attempt to cover them up with furniture. This is really no surprise since outlets aren’t the hottest home decor item. However, that makes it difficult to reach the outlets when you need to activate them. Thanks to modern technology, new outlet timers come equipped with the ability for remote control via an app on your phone.

Keep Your Home Safe

Set your lights to randomly go on and off to give the illusion someone is home while you’re really traveling. BN-LINK

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One of the concerns of going on vacation is ensuring your home remains safe while you’re gone. With the help of an outlet timer, you can set your lights to a random vacation mode. This means your lights will turn on and off at different times in the day to make it look like someone is home. If a person is casing your home, they may scope it out for a few days and notice the timed lights come on at the same time. But with a vacation mode outlet timer, it is random and they will think you are home.