Keep the Entryway Clear: Over Door Shoe Organizers

Kick off your shoes…then hang them up.

Heard “where are my sneakers” asked a few too many times? Over-the-door shoe organizers are great additions to any bedroom. See-through pockets in an overdoor shoe organizer make it simple to pick out the right pair every day, and can make cleanup simple. Although over-the-door organizers are ideal for all types of kicks, they can also serve to make it simple to organize winter gear, stuffed animals and more. Other options may require installation, by adding shelves as additional storage to closets. Here’s what to consider when choosing an over the door shoe organizer.

Easy Set-Up

Two dozen sections provide ample storage space, and no hardware is needed to install. Simple Houseware

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Clear pockets can make it a snap to see what you have. This type of organizer can be easily hung up inside closets and bedrooms, to make it simple to keep belongings tidy. 24 pockets hold 12 pairs of shoes. Consider using an over-the-door organizer inside a closet for seasonal shoes, or to keep track of shoes and accessories that are used less often, such as ballet slippers or soccer cleats.

Built to Last

This item is made of durable iron and mesh fabric. FKUO

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Shelving provides more versatility than clear pockets, and can work in multiple spaces. Adding an overdoor storage rack to the mudroom can be a great place to put shoes, as well as outdoor accessories. An over-the-door shoe rack may also work well in the pantry to hold dry goods and shelf staples. And it’s important to consider how often the rack will be seen. If the rack will be in plain sight, it may make sense to consider how the design will fit with the rest of the room.

For Small Spaces

This single-unit system can fit on a rod, freeing up storage space. Simple Houseware

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An over-the-door shoe rack works in some cases. In others, it may make sense to hang the shoes within the closet itself. Look for racks that have the option of hanging on a clothing rod. Make sure to look at space specs, too. Some systems designed as shoe organizers can double to hold clothing items or accessories. For example, you may want an organizer to hold all your workout gear for easy access.