Over-the-Sink Drying Racks to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

Dry your tears (and your bowls).

Some of us would rather get a root canal than do the dishes—or even unload the dishwasher. Lack of counter space, bowls and glasses that should be dry but aren’t…it’s all just so…annoying. What you need is a drying rack, but not all kitchens have room for one. Enter the over-the-sink rack. It’s the perfect solution for dishes that need drying and cabinet overflow.

Just unfurl this flat, thermo-resistant model and you’re done! Rubber grips keep it in place when it’s in use; when it’s not, just curl it like a burrito and stash away until you need it again. Ahyuan

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It’s super important to measure before purchasing your rack. Check the width of the sink, the height of the faucet and the height of any cabinets above to make sure you’ve got the right fit.

This elevated stainless steel option is rust-proof and scratch-proof, and can accommodate 60 pounds of plates, bowls, cutting boards, soap and more. Tsmine

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If you’re short on cabinet space, a roomy, tall dryer can double as storage. It’s a good option if you have pretty plates or mugs you want to put on display!

This model is major. After a bit of easy, tool-free assembly, it’ll be able to support 110 pounds, meaning it’s a great place to store pots, pans and other big appliances you want easy access to. Boosiny

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Another thing over-the-sink dryers are great for? Fruits and veggies! You can store them there before you wash and cut them, and dry them after. How do you like them apples?