According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s largest paintbrush was made at a kids camp in South Carolina. It measured a staggering 37.8 feet long and weighed in at 171 pounds—probably not the most practical if you’re just looking to touch up a scratched wall. Here are some that might be a better option…

Budget Pick

Designed for use indoors and out, with smaller widths up to 2.5 inches. Pro Grade

Pick the right brush for the job that you’re taking on. Obviously, the more detailed the work you want to do, the smaller the brush you need, but it’s also worth thinking about the shape of the brush. A brush with bristles that taper to a point will make it easier to paint a straight, sharp line than if you have a blunter end to the brush.

Made for use with all colors and stains and both interior and exterior projects. They come with waxed “keepers,” or cases, to help bristles keep their shape. Purdy

If you’re investing in a set of brushes, and don’t want to have to buy new every single time you start a new project, it’s really worth spending a little time maintaining them after each use. Cleaning the bristles with an appropriate solvent, then wrapping them in a paper towel to dry is a step in the right direction, but if your brushes come with a shaped case (or “keeper,”) make use of them to help preserve the shape of your brush.

Great for Beginners

Comprehensive decorating set comprising different sized tools and a sponge applicator, too. Bates Choice

Brushes are a great option, especially for areas where you need a sharp line, to get into a corner or behind a radiator. But, if you have a large area to decorate, a combination of rollers and brushes is probably the best way to get the job done. Ideally buy your rollers in a kit with a paint tray, so you can be sure that the paint tray is wide enough to accommodate your roller—and when painting, do the edges before using the roller.