Pedal Safely With These Bike Lights

Never, ever ride at night without lights.

Bike lights serve two main functions, and not all lights can do both. Some are designed to provide lighting so you can see where you’re going, and some (including all tail lights) are designed to make you visible to drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists at night. What type you need will vary based on your environment, but what doesn’t vary is that if you bike, you need lights.

Basic Set

The silicone mounting straps easily detach, making these perfect for popping on and off as needed. Ascher

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For those who mainly bike in cities or more dense towns, there’ll be plenty of road lights to illuminate your way. Instead of trying to replicate a car’s headlights, bike lights in this situation illuminate you to other people and vehicles on the road. You’ll generally need less power for this type of light, so look for simple LEDs—rechargeable ones if you prefer to forgo batteries.

For Remote Areas

More of a projecting design, this product is great for those in dim or dark situations, like on trails and on country roads. Vont

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In situations where you’re more concerned about being seen, opt for a blinking or flashing pattern. The point of this sort of light is to make yourself obvious to anyone else on the road, and blinking lights do that really well. That said, an oscillating feature—in which the light slowly gets brighter, dimmer, and brighter again in a cycle—can be less jarring to drivers while making you just as visible.

Compact Power

This product boasts of ten hours of operation—long enough for several trips. Vont

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Figuring out exactly how you’ll mount your lights is also a task you’ll need to consider. The less-expensive light systems will have a silicone strap that stretches over handlebars or seatposts, and are convenient to remove and reattach. But they’re not always the most stable. Another system uses a tough strap of plastic, which you often leave on the bike at all times; the light itself snaps on.