Three Features to Look For in a Permanent Match

Here’s why you should always keep one in your emergency kit.

There are two things necessary to spark a flame: oxygen and friction. However, moisture and strong winds can tamper regular fire starting methods. One solution to this problem is a waterproof match or lighter. Most permanent matches use flint or magnesium to spark a flame, along with a bit of kerosene to keep the blaze going. Others use a small battery and plasma to create the heat needed for lighting a fire, which makes them ideal for anyone who doesn’t keep lighter fluid or oil on hand. These tools are meant to be used in any weather condition to start a flame, and are a necessity for every emergency kit. Here’s why.

Over 16,000 Strikes

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Most weatherproof fire starting tools are encased in a waterproof holder and ignite when you unsheath them. Because they typically contain some sort of fuel, this makes the flame resilient to water, wind and other adverse environmental factors.

Pocket Size

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If you’re hesitant to use a fuel-based permanent match, consider using an electric lighter with a rechargeable battery. They’re simple, safe and convenient to carry. Most permanent lighters have a long shelf life, and can go months (and sometimes years) between charges.

Take It Everywhere

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A truly functional permanent match can be easily transported in a pocket, or on a key ring without much bulk or hassle. Matches that use a few drops of kerosene and cotton wick are sure to light up in every weather condition. Just make sure you buy a match that is leakproof to avoid drips, stains and fire hazards.