Personalized ID Tags to Keep Your Dog or Cat Safe

If found, read my tag and bring me back!

Boxer dog with dog tag.
Make sure your furry friend can always be identified and brought home.Unsplash

Your pet may have a microchip to help find them if lost, but getting a microchip read requires it to be read by a vet or animal control officer. A personalized pet ID tag is a low-tech way to help reunite you to your pet fast if you were separated. Putting your pet’s name, your name and phone number can make the difference in someone in the neighborhood contacting you quickly. Personalized ID tags can attach to your pet’s collar and provide an opportunity to show off some of your pet’s personality to the world.

GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags, Personalized Dog Tags and Cat Tags, up to 8 Lines of Custom Text, Engraved on Both Sides, in Bone, Round, Heart, Bow Tie, Flower, Star and More

Share Essential Info

This small piece of metal can have information on both sides and comes in small and regular sizes for nine different shapes.GoTags

Before you choose a tag, consider essential information. In a texting era, it may be more efficient to put multiple phone numbers rather than an address. Also consider adding helpful information to the tag: Your pet’s temperament, whether your pet has a microchip, and whether or not there may be a reward offered if your pet is found.

Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags - Engraved Personalized Dog Tags, Cat Tags Front & Back up to 8 Lines of Text – Bone, Round, Heart, Flower, Badge, House, Star, Rectangle, Bow Tie

So Many Shapes

Made from rust-proof stainless steel to withstand active use, with plenty of room for key information on both sides.PetANTastic

ID is important even for pets who live mainly indoors. That way if they were to escape or get outside, they would be quickly found and returned. If a pet isn’t used to wearing a collar, you may need to train them to get comfortable with the feeling. Positive training—providing treats when they wear the collar—can help them to adjust. You may not have your mostly indoor pets wear collars all the time, but it may be a good idea when they’re hanging out on the deck or when the door is opening and closing regularly, like at a party or event.

GoTags Pet ID Personalized Pet Tags for Dogs and Cats. Front & Backside Engraving. Various Shapes, Colors and Sizes. Anodized Aluminum.

Durable Material

An alternative to steel models, this aluminum option provides a colorful template for up to eight lines of personalized text. Choose from eight cuts, eight colors and two sizes, for a total of 128 different options.GoTags Pet ID

Personalized ID tags are made of steel or aluminum for maximum durability. Still, you should regularly check your pet’s tag and make sure that it is still readable and accurate. It may make sense to put your address, but if your pet travels with you regularly, consider using space for multiple phone numbers to make sure your pet is returned to you ASAP.