According to figures from insurers, as many as one-quarter of all iPhone owners are walking around with a broken screen. Other estimates suggest that Americans spend more than $3 billion annually fixing damage to smartphone screens. With figures like that, you can understand why you might want protection…

Bubble-Free Finish

Laser cut, polished and toughened for protection against scrapes and dings, this trio means you’ve always got back up. Ailun

Check, check and check again that you’ve ordered the right size protector for your phone. It’s worth flagging that, depending on your model, the screen protector you receive may not be a perfect rectangle—they often have a section cut out for the speaker and camera at the top. Some protectors may also not cover the entire screen for models, such as the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, as they have a curved screen. Having the protector finish before it hits the curve makes it less likely that the protector will get dust or dirt underneath the edges and peel off.


These easy-to-install protective sheets resist oil and water for a no-smudge finish while conserving the integrity of your device. Mkeke

Screen protectors have moved on from the early plastic versions that felt a lot like applying a thick layer of tape to your phone. These days they’re made from very thin tempered glass, which means they are less likely to scratch and go cloudy than their earlier plastic counterparts. Hydrophobic (water resistant) and oleophobic (oil resistant) coatings can also be applied to the glass to protect it from sweaty or greasy fingerprints.


This triple set of ultra-thin sheets comes with a full cleaning kit. Trianium

If you’ve ever spent what felt like hours applying a protective film to your screen, only to find air bubbles underneath it, or a hair or lint trapped exactly underneath the area that you just smoothed, then you’ll appreciate the efforts that have been made to make screen protector application easier than ever. These days, you can buy screen protectors in a kit that also includes dry and wet wipes to ensure that your screen is spotless before applying, as well as frames to help you position the protector perfectly.