Pill Boxes and Organizers so You Never Skip a Dose

Keep your daily meds and supplements in one, safe place.

Pill and vitamin bottles taking up too much space in your medicine cabinet? Tuck them away in a closet and dole your daily dose into a pill organizer instead.

Each section is big enough to hold up to seven large caplets or tablets. Sukuos

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Some pill organizers are best suited to smaller prescription-size medications than larger vitamins. So if you take any large pills such as fish oil, calcium supplements or multivitamins, make sure the wells in your pill case are large enough to hold the tablets.

Pressing down to release a lid is easier on sore or weakened hands and joints than pulling one open. AUVON

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If you have arthritis or are nursing carpal tunnel or another hand or wrist injury, consider looking for a pill case with a push-button opening style for easier access to your meds.

Two layers mean less chance your meds will spill out during travel. Fullive

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One of the worst things about traveling with medications is opening your purse or overnight bag to find that your carefully organized pills have spilled out everywhere. Cases that don’t have a lid with a protruding lip may be more secure, since jostling up against other things in your bag won’t accidentally pop them open.