If you’ve ever tried giving a pill to a dog, you know what a battle it can be. Some dogs have the ability to spit it out, no matter how hard you work to disguise the pill in a piece of cheese or meat. And if it’s that frustrating giving a dog a pill only occasionally, think about how much more vexing it would be if you had to give medication to your dog on a regular basis.

Fortunately for dog lovers, there’s a better solution than slathering a pill with peanut butter and trying to force it down your dog’s throat. Many companies have invented specialized dog treats with hidden compartments that pet owners can put their pills in—and the dogs just think they are treats. Note, however, that when choosing pill pockets for your canine companion, there are likely more important considerations than you might think.

Masks Medicine Taste and Smell

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Dogs, like people, have a wide range of different flavor preferences. Matching the pill pockets you buy to what your dog loves the most will go a long way toward getting his medication down him without an epic battle. Even with the best flavors, some pill pockets can allow a little taste of the medication to reach your dog’s taste buds. Consider buying pill pouches that you can pinch closed after inserting the pills, thereby keeping both the flavor and smell of the medication from causing your dog to clam up.

Easy to Use

Available in multiple quantities, these canine medication disguisers won’t allow your pup to sniff out the medicine. Greenies

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Medication disguisers come in three main types: pockets, pouches, and pastes. Both pockets and pouches work about the same—they have a hollow area in which you place the medication. Then many are made so that you can pinch or seal them to keep the medication’s taste and smell disguised. These are generally handier than pastes, which can be quite a mess. However, for dogs that are really finicky and won’t take medication using pill pockets or pouches, pastes can be the answer. You can use just a thin layer of the tasty paste for dogs that aren’t too picky. But for dogs that just hate taking pills, a healthy dollop of paste can be just the ticket to get their meds down quickly and easily. 


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Dog owners—especially those whose canine companion is overweight—need to be careful about the ingredients used in pill pouches. Carefully check the ingredients and nutritional information on pill pockets and pouches before making a purchase. The last thing you want to do is give your pet a nutrition-deficient treat while trying to get him to take his much-needed medication.