No More Laundromat: Portable Washing Machines for Small Spaces

Clean clothes, wherever you go.

Portable washing machines don’t require complicated installation or high-powered outlets or hot air vents. Instead, they plug into a water source like a sink or showerhead. But do they actually work? Incredibly, yes.

Dries, Too

This laundry cleaner has dual compartments, so you can rinse and dry at the same time. SUPER DEAL


Portable washing machines are easy to set up. Plug one into a regular outlet and a water source—a sink is ideal—and load up with your dirty laundry and detergent. The machine swishes and agitates them around, just like a regular washer. They don’t have the power to run huge loads of clothes, but they’re surprisingly quick and efficient.

Many Different Cycles

Despite its size, you can clean a nearly 10 pound-load at once in this model. Giantex


Portable washing machines don’t have dryers, exactly, but they do have drying options. All of them have a “spin cycle,” which quickly rotates the inner drum, driving out water. It is, essentially, a salad spinner. Your clothes won’t be warm, fluffy and dry, but damp—a little time on a drying rack will complete the drying process.

Really Small

At less than 2 feet tall and wide, you can toss this in a car or move from room to room as needed. SUPER DEAL


Portable washing machines, paired with a drying rack, can handle just about any item of clothing. They’re also great for those who want to watch their energy use: when paired with cold water and a drying rack, even frequent use will barely show up on an electric bill.