Three Ways to Protect Your Home

Security cameras, alarms, and notification services can help protect you and your loved ones should a problem arise.

When it comes to home safety, the only way to build a complete envelope of security is with a whole-house monitoring system. This may include door and window alarms, motion detectors, lights, wi-fi camera systems, or some combination thereof. But one thing remains certain: If there is a gap in the perimeter, trouble will find it. Don’t just block one or two obvious access points. Create an impenetrable home-security network with these proven techniques. Here are some items that can help you do just that.

Surveillance Cameras

A high-definition camera network can help you keep an eye on all corners of your property, 24-hours a day. Heimvision

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Gone are the days when home and business security meant boring through ceiling joists and wall studs to hardwire a network of window or door alarms. Now, a wireless camera network is as easy to set up as a basic home-entertainment system. You can do it yourself and have 24/7 video surveillance with storage in the cloud for reviewing footage at any time.

Door and Window Sensors

If you want added security, door and window alarms can notify you of the slightest movement in real time. zegoal

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If you don’t need video monitoring, then window and door sensors are a proven method of preventing unwanted entry. The beauty of today’s systems is that they are wireless and may also include other functions, such as motion detectors and personal distress-signaling devices.

Emergency Dispatch

If you travel often, a system that notifies authorities of a problem can offer you the most protection for your dollar. YI

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Cameras, sensors, and alarms are usually enough to deter any would-be bad guy, but when you need that extra level of security, consider a model that can connect to an emergency response network. Systems supported by a dispatch service are the fastest way to alert fire, police, EMTs, and other first responders during a crisis.