A cell phone case has to perform three basic functions: It need to protect the phone from falls. It needs to provide a gripping surface. And it needs to perform those first two functions without making the phone cumbersome to carry and difficult to manipulate.

If you’re looking for a case for an iPhone 11, you probably aren’t looking for a waterproof case because the phone has excellent water resistance (it can withstand being in water two meters deep for up to 30 minutes). But you do want a measure of protection, so you can use this phone for as long as possible. Here are three cases you should consider, depending on your personal style preferences and how you use your phone.

Practical Design

It has soft inner and hard outer layers, providing excellent protection from falls. OtterBox

Do you do a lot of traveling, spend a lot of time outdoors, or simply have a rough daily commute? If so, get a rugged case that’s designed to withstand such treatment. Get a case that provides good protection from falls, and blocks dust from entering the phone’s ports. While it’s true that an urban lifestyle is different from a rural one, it doesn’t matter if you drop your phone on a city sidewalk or a rock on a mountaintop—the effect on the phone will be identical. Make sure the case allows for wireless recharging, a great advantage of the iPhone 11.

Great Value

This model is perfectly transparent and has a slim profile. Mkeke

It’s disheartening to spend a lot of time (and maybe even agonize) over the color of your phone, and then have a case covering up that hue. If you chose an iPhone 11 because you like one of the six colors that it comes in, get a case that’s clear and also provides a measure of protection—and also lets you recharge the phone wirelessly.

Also Consider

Cutouts provide easy access to all the ports and functions. i-Blason

Many cases protect the back and sides of a phone but not the front. That means you need to buy a separate adhesive screen protector, so you don’t damage the glass front of the phone if it’s dropped. Installing a screen protector can be tricky because you need to make sure the glass is totally free of dust and skin oils, and it must be applied so it perfectly aligns with the glass. If you’d rather not take that step, get a case that covers both sides and the edges of your iPhone 11, and make sure it’s compatible with wireless charging.