Three Ways to Protect Your Patio Furniture

Shielding your tables and chairs from the sun, rain, and snow can extend its life by years.

Women sit on patio furniture.
Shelter your outdoor tables and chairs when you’re not using them to keep it from weathering.Marianne

Vacation homes, rental units, clubhouses, and other furnished properties that are used intermittently all need added protection when not occupied. This also goes for outdoor accessories like patio furniture. A weatherproof cover made of durable, water-resistant fabric, featuring built-in ventilation, will keep any outdoor furniture looking new for many seasons to come. Covers are far less expensive than replacing the furniture every few years, and they come in enough sizes, shapes, and colors to fit just about any piece.

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Sturdy Fabric

If you need to cover your table, make sure it also covers the chairs.ULTCOVER

A cover designed for tables should be large enough to also encompass the chairs. Look for a cord-locking drawstring that can be snugged up around the entire set for maximum protection and a custom fit.

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When it comes to chairs, it’s better to protect them individually rather than all as a group under one cover.Vailge

If you only need to shelter a few chairs, consider individuals covers. They are easier to manage than full-size table covers and offer complete shelter for each individual item.

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Adjustable Cord Lock

A good cover should protect furniture from the elements, as well as critters that like to gnaw.Vailge

Odd-shaped pieces like benches, settees, and loveseats also need protection. A cover will keep out the rain, snow, falling leaves, pinecones, and even critters such as squirrels and chipmunks that can wreak havoc on anything they get their teeth on.