Three Questions to Ask Before Buying Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is quite a misnomer because it can make any color hair bright and healthy.

Colored hair (specifically blonde) can turn a brassy tone thanks to things like the sun, chlorine, the ocean, and more. This causes hair to be stripped of cool tones and replaced with brassy tones (a.k.a tones you don’t want). If that happens, you need a purple shampoo. First, the answer is no, it won’t turn your hair purple. This shampoo can save you money by making your blonde strands remain blonde and can keep your hair healthy. However, before you order some purple shampoo, read on to find out three things you should remember as you shop.

Removes the Brass

Before buying, read the label to make sure it’s meant for your type of hair. Fanola

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Purple shampoo can be great for anyone with blonde hair, or anyone that has cool-toned hair. Also, anyone who has highlights in their hair will find purple shampoo keeps their highlights bright. In addition, people with grey hair may love purple shampoo since it helps hair look fresh and bouncy, rather than frizzy.

Repairs & Protects

Avoid a lavender cast by only rinsing with this once a week. Joico

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The one problem with the purple color of purple shampoo is that if you use it too often, your hair may end up with a purple tint to it. To avoid that, stick to using purple shampoo one or two times a week, but no more than that. Once or twice is enough to keep your hair looking bright and fresh between dyes but won’t run the risk of turning that blonde into purple.

Hue Depositing

This one neutralizes unwanted shades but also adds shimmer. Matrix

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Blonde hair has a yellow base tone that exists beneath what you see when you dye your hair. However, as the dye fades, the yellow base tone starts to show and that’s what causes your hair to have a brassy look to it. Purple is the ideal color to mix with blonde because it is opposite of yellow on the color wheel, meaning the two colors neutralize when mixed. Thus, when you put purple shampoo on your blonde-hair-turned-yellow, the brassy tones will go away.