What to Look for in Rain Jackets for Children

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops...

child running in the rain with boots and rain jacket
Keep your kiddo dry, safe and happy.Unsplash

Listen, some of the first rain jackets were made from seal and whale intestines. Since that material holds in stomach liquids and lets out nutrients—kind of like how high performance rain gear balances being both waterproof and breathable—it totally makes sense. And now you have a mesmerizing fact to share with the kids while you wrestle them into these rain jackets.

Columbia Girls' Switchback II Waterproof Jacket

Safety Features

This leak-proof parka has reflective details to keep your little one safer in low-visibility situations.Columbia

Rainy conditions decrease visibility, so it’s helpful if your child’s rain gear works to keep them dry and makes them easier to see. Check for reflective details on the rain jacket and zipper pulls that catch the headlights of passing vehicles as your kid jumps in those awesome puddles.

Columbia Boys' Glennaker Rain Jacket, Waterproof & Breathable

Loads of Colors

This waterproof shell has adjustable cuffs and hem for a great fit, and is available in a variety of shades.Columbia

Thanks to those high performance fabrics, rain jackets don’t need to be bulky to do the job. Look for a lightweight, waterproof nylon shell that includes extra features—like stretchy elastic cuffs and hem, zippered pockets and a hood.

Hiheart Boys Girls Waterproof Hooded Jackets Cotton Lined Rain Jackets

Velcro and Zip Closures

This coat offers max coziness by pairing a soft interior layer with comfy ribbed cuffs. Comes in seven different colors.Hiheart

Whether your kid is super active or sensitive to textures (or both!), it’s important to balance performance with comfort. Rain jackets that combine a waterproof outside with a soft cotton lining and ribbed wrist cuffs offer the best of both worlds. After all, rain gear only works if they’re willing to wear it.