Three Reasons Smartphone Tripods are Work Essentials

For YouTube stars and 9-to-5ers alike.

A smartphone tripod may only seem necessary if you’re an online influencer, regularly recording video from your smartphone. But as more and more people work outside the office and video calls, meetings, and recorded conversations become go-to forms of communication, a smartphone tripod is invaluable in providing a much more steady frame than simply holding up your phone and hoping for the best. As people use their smartphones as a tool for their personal and professional lives, smartphone tripod holders are also hands-free. This can let you follow a recipe, allow a wiggly kid to watch a video, or follow along on a webinar as you’re on your laptop. Here are our recommendations.

Great for Video Conferences

Tilt and swivel motion for multiple angles; adjustable device can be placed on table or floor; Bluetooth remote for hands-free operation. UBeesize

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A ring light can be a game changer for video conferences and calls. It ensures that you have enough light, even in dimly lit rooms. A ring light can also give you flexibility as to where and when you have conference calls, which comes in handy especially when chatting with people in different time zones. Consider how you’ll use your tripod and assess based on tripod height—some are large enough so that you can put them on the floor, while others are made with the expectation you’ll be using a table as a base.

Fits into Backpack

Adaptable to hold most mobile devices and GoPro-type tools; only 17.5” when folded down. UBeesize

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Some tripods double as selfie sticks, becoming all-in-one tools you can use whether you’re on the go or sitting down for a video conference. They also may include a Bluetooth remote that allows you to control your phone while it’s in the tripod. It can be a bit of a learning curve to understand the angles that work best for you on a tripod or selfie stick—but some trial and error can ensure you feel comfortable using it during a presentation.

Accessories Snap on Base

Item folds into carrying case and can be used on-the-go or stationary during calls or recording sessions; holds most phones. Fugetek

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Most smartphone tripods are adaptable to hold multiple types of phones. Still, it’s a good idea to double check that it will fit your electronics. Some people may also use their tripod to hold other video recording equipment, such as GoPros. It’s important to make sure that your device is firmly held in place while it’s stationary, so it won’t slip mid-use when you’re on-the-go.