Besides keeping your devices free of fingerprints, a stylus pen allows you to copy links or blocks of texts with precision and can even help you hone your artistic abilities, whether illustrating, making collages or composing a tune. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find one that’s right for you—here’s what to look for when you start shopping.

Charge for an hour or two to get 20 hours of use. Palm Rejection

Unlike a tablet, laptop or phone, you won’t have to charge one of these tools too often because it’s easy to find models that offer up to 20 hours of life. If you start using it to draw and make art, you may find that the hours easily melt away while you’re happily creating.

Create detailed illustrations with a super thin tip. Milemont

Take a look at the available shapes and consider a stylus with a sleek and ergonomic design that you’ll want to hold frequently, especially if you’ll be drawing or taking extensive notes. Most pens are also energy efficient and shut off every half hour or so when not in use.

A value-minded two-pack that features a clear circle at the tip so you can see where you’re about to make your mark. MEKO Universal

Some models come in multiples, so you won’t necessarily have to worry about being extra ginger with them. The average pen offers a decent amount of precision, but a clear circle attached to the tip allows you to put even more focus on the area you’re about to target.