Ready to change things up in your bedroom? Don’t worry about spending too much money on other things—by doing something as simple as purchasing a new duvet cover, your room will look different. Not sure why you want or need a duvet cover? Here are three why adding a duvet cover to your bedroom is worth the effort.

Changing the look of your room can be as simple as throwing one of these into the mix. Nestl

With just one small purchase, your room can have a completely new feel thanks to a duvet cover. This is even more true when a duvet cover comes with matching pillow shams to really complete the new look. Find one that matches your current color scheme, so you don’t have to re-do everything in your room to match.

Pretty Accents

These also work to keep your comforter clean and free of stains. Dreaming Wapiti

Bed comforters tend to be more of an investment piece, and therefore are something you don’t want to have to replace as often because of stains and other mishaps. Duvet covers serve as a great protector for your pricier bed comforter underneath so you can still enjoy your midnight snacks in bed, without worrying about a spill ruining your comforter.

Also Consider

Cleaning one of these is a lot easier than trying to clean a large comforter. Amazon Basics

Tired of the hassle of washing your bed comforter? It’s not always the easiest thing to wash, so we suggest opting instead for a duvet cover that is much easier to throw in the washing machine when it’s time to freshen up your bed. Look for a duvet cover that mixes both microfiber and washed cotton to keep things economical and soft.