Three Ways to Remedy Hair Loss

Get those follicles frolicking again with a modern hair growth treatment.

“Yay, I’m so excited I’m losing my hair!” said no one ever. Receding hairlines, bald spots, and thinning scalps occur naturally for most of us, and often it has to do with our genetics. We’re simply predisposed to start losing our hair at a certain age—some of us when we’re young. Hair loss can also come about because of hormonal changes, which can be genetic or because of some other health-related reason, such as improper thyroid function.

But no matter the reason, and no matter how old we are, hair loss makes us feel older, unhealthy, and unattractive. That’s why hair regrowth products are so popular, for both men and women. There are three ways to get your hair growing again, each with slightly different approaches:

Topical applications

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These work by widening blood vessels, which in turn help hair follicles—the sacs from which hair sprouts—enlarge and get them producing hair again. You apply the product to the area where you want hair to regrow. Vasodilators are known to be very effective, but typically must be used for several months before you begin to see hair regrowing. Have patience! While vasodilators work the same way for men and women, be sure to use a type specifically formulated for your gender.


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Shampoos designed for hair loss typically give us a fuller head of hair by doing two things: thickening and strengthening existing hair and making our scalps more conducive for hair growth. Most shampoos use a combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that invigorate the scalp and keep existing hair healthy and full.


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If you’re trying to regrow hair, it’s important to make sure your body is fully prepared to do so. Certain vitamins and nutrients are essential to keep your body producing hair, and some supplements are specifically formulated with those that are known to promote hair growth. If you’re using a topical application and/or a shampoo for hair growth, taking a supplement simultaneously will ensure that your body will be doing everything it can do to get your scalp looking full, healthy, and young.