A beautiful rug enhances the decor of any home, but it also can be a bit of a hassle when it refuses to stay smooth and in one place. If placing it under a chair, a table or the legs of a sofa still results in unwanted movement, a felt, natural rubber or polyester pad can restore order to your room. In addition to preventing tripping on unstable rugs, pads also help keep them in good shape by absorbing most of the impact from people walking over them. They also protect hardwood floors from the abrasive material on the back of rugs, and protect your floor from any dyes or colors seeping through.

Adds Cushion

One side clings to the bottom of the carpet, the other sticks to the floor. Mohawk Home

Felt works best when combined with rubber to provide non-slip support to a variety of surfaces. A thicker material increases cushioning while offering a more soundproof walking experience. Your downstairs neighbors will thank you.

Budget Friendly

This one is reversible, and its open-grid construction helps keep things breathable. Gorilla Grip

If you don’t want to spend extra money on a custom cut, consider one that can easily be snipped to whatever size you need. Just place it under the rug and start trimming with a regular pair of scissors. Taking off an extra inch or two will ensure that the edge of the rug tapers to the floor.

Not just for carpets! Lay one of these babies down to stabilize futons, couch cushions and mattresses. Veken

Once your mats are all staying put, you can find other uses for a new buffer. They can serve multiple functions around the house, like keeping futons, mattresses and couch cushions in place.