RV GPS Systems You Can’t Hit the Open Road Without

A stress-free journey is yours for the taking.

You may like the thrill of using your “internal” GPS to get you where you need to go. Or, perhaps you’re old school and prefer paper road maps for longer road trips. But if you’re opting to travel by RV, an RV-specific GPS is non-negotiable. These navigation systems are specially designed to deal with the challenges of the road that you won’t face in a car—taking you away from narrow roads, low hanging branches, weight restricted bridges, low overpasses and more. Here’s what to look for in an RV GPS that will ensure you’re on the safest and most reliable route throughout your journey.

Provides Road Warnings

Features a high-resolution 6. 95” edge-to-edge touch display, making it easy to view while keeping your eyes on the road. Garmin

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Look for an RV GPS that allows you to customize your route based on the size and weight specifications of your RV, steering you away from roads and routes where your RV won’t fit. And, if you rent your RVs, you can update those changes every time you drive something different.

Sharp Intuition

This model has an included directory of campsites and parks, and pulls in information from review sites. Garmin

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A GPS that links up to your smartphone provides important, real time updates, including traffic and basic weather forecasts. Keep an eye out for an RV GPS that has the ability to download your favorite apps—you can listen to music or stream podcasts as you’re driving, keeping everything in one spot so your eyes stay on the road with no distractions.

Updates in Real Time

This unit has a built-in 2500mAh polymer battery that can operate for three hours without power. CARRVAS

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Look for a GPS that updates with the most current map data. With construction or points of interest either shutting down, or opening up, the roads are constantly changing and this keeps you in the know. You also want your RV GPS to stay current on all campground locations and RV friendly exits.