RV-Safe Toilet Paper for Your Motorhome or Boat

Here’s how to avoid ruining your trip with a plumbing disaster.

Regular toilet paper can cause clogging and blockages if used in the more temperamental systems that you’ll find in RVs and on boats, so before you take your next trip, it’s worth hunting down some that’s been flagged as RV-safe.

Made from Bamboo

This option is free of harsh chemicals so it won’t irritate your body parts. Grentay


So what does RV- or boat-safe mean when it comes to toilet paper? It basically means that it’s quick-dissolving so it will not only break down faster, but more completely than regular bathroom tissue. That doesn’t mean that it’s less absorbent, or scratchy—most RV-safe paper is 2-ply, absorbent and soft on the skin.


Soft but strong with a textured but non-abrasive surface, it won’t rip or tear. Freedom Living


It’s not just RVs and boats that can benefit from a dedicated paper. If you have a septic tank, a camping toilet or any other form of finicky sewage and drainage, you’re less likely to get blockages or issues with drainage and pumping when you use RV-safe paper.

Premium Product

It’s unscented, sewer-safe and septic-safe, plus it’s gentle on the skin. Scott


RV-safe paper won’t just save you the inconvenience of a blockage, it’s also better for the environment as it tends to mean that you need to use fewer chemicals. It also increases the capacity of your tank as it takes up less space than regular paper, so you won’t need to empty it as often.