Three Types of Scratching Posts Your Cat Will Love

A good cat scratching post can give your feline companion a place to perform normal scratching activities without ruining your furniture and other valuable objects.

According to experts, cats scratch things for a number of reasons including depositing scent from glands on their paws to leave a territorial message to other animals, leaving visual clues of territoriality for other animals, helping remove the outer layer from their nails, stretching their claws, feet and body releasing “feel-good” hormones, and releasing stress, anxiety, or excitement. If you don’t have a scratching post for your cat, you should get one. Consider these factors when shopping for the best cat scratching post for you.

Basic Scratching Post

This basic cat scratching post is 32-inches tall to allow cats to stretch fully and tone muscles. SmartCat

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Several factors make one cat scratching post better than another. First, look for a scratching post that has sufficient texture that a cat can really dig its claws into it. A smooth scratching post likely isn’t going to satisfy your cat, possibly tempting him to go back to scratching the couch or your favorite recliner. Second, make sure you choose a scratching post that is tall enough for your cat. Cats use scratching posts for stretching as well as scratching, so ensure the post you choose is tall enough that the cat can stretch its whole body while scratching. Lastly, stability makes a difference, especially if you have a big, strong cat. Ensure the scratching post you select is stable enough that it will stay upright when your cat puts its full weight against it.

Scratching Post/Hammock

This scratching post/hammock combination provides a good place for your cat to perch after scratching. AmazonBasics

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If you’re interested in providing more than just scratching opportunities to your cat, you might want to consider combination scratching posts that provide cats with other options, too. One of the most popular is a scratching post/cat hammock. Most cats like to sleep up off the floor where they feel safer and can better see what’s going on around them. They also like to climb and jump up onto things, so the object they jump onto might as well be something you want them to be on instead of the kitchen cabinets. Cats hammocks are very popular for this purpose. Scratching post/hammock combinations give you two things to occupy your cat in one structure. With the scratching post/hammock, when your cat is done using the scratching post, he has a ready place to take a long nap.

Scratching Post/Cat Tree

This scratching post/cat tree has tiered platforms that provide multiple places for your cat to relax, play and climb. AmazonBasics

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A combination scratching post/cat tree can provide even more opportunities and fun for your cat. Cat trees, especially large ones with multiple levels, give cats stimulation that they wouldn’t get just lying around on the couch. Cat trees placed by windows are particularly attractive to many felines, since perching atop them allows cats to survey what they consider to be their outdoor domain. Some models even include a cat hammock—a true win-win-win. Get your cat a combination scratching post/cat tree and he’ll have a place to scratch, lounge and play, all in one product! With such a combination at his disposal, your cat will be less likely to scratch furniture or lay on the furniture once he considers the scratching post/cat tree his new lair.