Sitting in one place for an extended period of time puts pressure on your coccyx, otherwise known as your tailbone. It can compound any issues you may have with inflamed hemorrhoids or prostatitis. It can also reduce circulation in your legs, causing cramping and numbness, and sometimes, you simply get a cold butt from sitting for too long.

But just as there are differences in derrieres, there are variances in seat cushions and the situations for which they’re best suited. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the best seat cushion for you.

The Office Cushion

The Everlasting Comfort seat cushion is made of memory foam, which will provide a custom fit to your bottom and support the tailbone. Everlasting Comfort

Even a very comfortable office chair can be excruciating after a while because all the downward pressure on your spine culminates at your coccyx. A seat cushion that provides gentle, soft support for the tailbone, as well as the hips and pelvis, will make sitting for long periods much easier. A memory-foam style cushion will conform to the shape of your bottom, creating in effect a customized sitting experience. Look for a cushion that has a washable cover so the inevitable coffee spills won’t permanently stain the cushion.

The Car Cushion

Six massage nodes on the Snailax car seat cushion prevent pain and cramping in your neck, upper and lower back, and legs. Snailax

Many vehicle seats are comfortable—at first. Sit there a while, such as in heavy traffic when you can’t move your legs to different positions, and you’ll cramp up. It will also aggravate any conditions such as sciatica or chronic lower back pain, and not every car seat is sized properly for every driver. Some people need a bit of a lift in order to get a better view through the windshield.

A wedge-shaped seat cushion is a good choice for a car seat because it provides support for your sitting bones but won’t put raise your thighs. That’s important when driving for two reasons: It won’t reduce circulation in your legs, and it won’t narrow the gap between your thighs and the steering wheel. If you have to spend a lot of time in your car and find yourself cramping up, or just plain cold (or both), look for a car seat that will massage your muscles and provide some heat to your bottom and lower back. It makes sitting in a traffic jam much more bearable.

The Stadium Cushion

Flash Furniture’s Grandstand seat is designed for use on bleachers and provides both cushioning and back support. Flash Furniture

Sitting on a narrow bleacher is uncomfortable for a few reasons. First, it’s a hard surface. Second, it may be cold. Third, it’s very difficult to sit up straight for that long on a seat that has no back support. You find yourself bending forward, resting your forearms on your knees, which curves your back and promotes cramping and pain. Stadium cushions that provide both bottom and back support will alleviate all these issues. These come with a hook that fits under the bleacher seat, allowing you to lean back into the cushion and provide relief to your bent spine.