Silicone Baking Sheets for Non-Stick Goodness

Bye-bye, sticky fingers (and cookies). Amazon intro: Ditch the cooking sprays and parchment paper, and instead grab some silicone sheets to seriously up your baking game.

Reusable silicone baking sheets will change your time in the kitchen in more ways than one. They make unsticking your food a breeze, but they also cut down on waste and added fat. The best part is that you can just wash them after each use, and they’ll be ready for your next masterpiece.

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The durable, flexible option is oven-safe up to 480℉ and cleans up in a jif! Pop them onto the top rack of your machine and they’ll come out clean and dry. Amazon

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Though silicone mats are a reusable lifesaver in the kitchen, over time, they can build up an impossible-to-budge residue. If you find that yours have a sticky top layer you can’t get rid of, try this hack: Place the mat in a hot oven for an hour, then once it’s cooled enough to handle safely, scrub with soap and water. The residue will release more easily after being heated.

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Made with fiberglass mesh, these aren’t just oven-safe—they work in the microwave and freezer too. Silpat

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The term “silicone mat” is a bit of a misnomer, as the best food-quality options are made of a combination of silicone and fiberglass. The flexible, fine, woven fiberglass core is coated in a transparent silicone covering, and the result is a reusable mat that’s strong but pliable, able to withstand extreme temperatures and averse to stickiness (even without cooking spray or oil).

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These easy-to-wipe-clean multitaskers can withstand all temps, from -40℉ all the way up to 450℉. Kitzini

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If you’re switching from parchment to silicone for the first time, be ready to make some adjustments to your baking times and techniques. Dough placed on a silicone surface will spread and bake faster, possibly resulting in extra browning and density. (You might also experience some soggy bottoms.) If you don’t get the results you want on your first try, don’t despair. What is baking if not trial and error?