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Arthritis pain is something that everyone will likely have to deal with at some point or another. As joints age, the tissue and cartilage that cushions them can deteriorate, leading to painful bone-on-bone contact. But there are actions you can take to minimize the symptoms of arthritis. Most important are staying well-hydrated and incorporating some sort of mobility exercises into your daily routine, such as yoga, light stretching, or calisthenics. Beyond those practices, however, arthritis sufferers may want to consider any number of over-the-counter remedies to ease the pain and get back in action.


Consult with your doctor before taking any anti-arthritic supplements. BioSchwartz

Turmeric, often marketed as turmeric curcumin in pill form, is simply a spice that many believe has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. However, some have reported side effects ranging from upset stomach to allergic reactions. Consult your physician before beginning any regimen of natural supplements.


Electrotherapy can help ease other ailments aside from arthritis. HealthmateForever

Tiny electrical shocks have been used as arthritis therapy for years. If you have tried electrotherapy under the care of a therapist, there are options for continuing the treatment at home. A personal electrotherapy device is intended for sufferers of a wide range of chronic pain.

Oils and Creams

Topical ointments can help ease arthritis pain though you’ll want to try different types as some work better than others. KAIZEDO

Oils and creams for treating arthritis pain are abundant, containing everything from arnica herb to the oil of Australian emu birds. Hemp cream is the latest entry into the topical treatment approach, but as with everything else related to this much-touted plant, such as medical CBD oils, the only way to determine if it works for you is to try it.