Whether you’re at home or traveling, sleeping can be difficult for anyone at times. We have all had those nights where we couldn’t sleep for one reason or another, and it felt like the end of the world. However, with the help of a sleep mask, you can help convince your body to shut down and you’ll see your quality of sleep greatly increase—and it’s not just because you have something covering your eyes. Some models include features to help you sleep like cups contoured to your face, total blackout, and built-in headphones.

Contoured Cups

Don’t get a sleeping mask that just drapes over your eyes, get one that fits the shape of your face instead. MZOO

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Those sleep masks they hand out on airplanes for an overnight flight are a nice thought, but they don’t do much when it comes to getting the job done. One of the reasons they don’t is because they are not fitted for your eyes. Instead they are just a piece of fabric that lays over your eyes. Get yourself a sleep mask that is contoured with an eye area that fits you just right and provides a more relaxed fit around your eyes so you can fall into a deeper sleep compared to masks that are generic and uncomfortable.

Total Blackout

What’s the point of wearing a sleep mask if you can still see light? Manta Sleep

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In order to get the best sleep you can imagine, you want a sleep mask that guarantees a 100 percent blackout, meaning it blocks 100 percent of all light and gives you the perfect amount of darkness to drift off to sleep. This is possible thanks to eye molds that are adjustable and made to fit each face just right. This type of sleep mask is ideal for trying to sleep during the day or other times when you just cannot turn out the lights.

Built-in Headphones

In addition to blocking out the light, why not block out the annoying sounds too? Joseche

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Some people find that calming music or white noises helps them sleep, and there are some sleep masks out there that double as a way to cover your eyes while also featuring built-in headphones so that you can play the tunes that will get you past counting sheep. By charging the battery for approximately two hours, you can get up to nine hours of playtime, which means a full night’s sleep in anyone’s book.