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For decades, remote controls have gotten more and more complicated and numerous. There are just too many things plugged into our TVs, and our TVs themselves are just too capable. Instead of clumsily scrolling through apps or selecting game consoles with a myriad of remotes, why not use your voice?

With a quad-core processor, this product is surprisingly powerful—great for running apps and streaming videos. LG

Voice control is ideal for lots of TV use cases, but before you do anything, figure out which of the major voice control gadgets you have. Some TVs will only give you voice controls for Amazon’s AI assistant, or only for Google’s, and you don’t want to be left out. That said, there are several great TVs that support both of those major platforms, giving you choice.

This item cleverly allows you to hide its cables within its stand, keeping them out of the way. SAMSUNG

Voice control on TVs has lots of different functions. You can launch apps like Netflix and Hulu, pause, fast forward, change channels, change the volume or search for your favorite shows and movies.

With a top-tier streaming operating system built in, there’s no need to grab another piece of hardware to stream media; it has all the apps you need already. Hisense

Voice control also allows you to perform more in-depth searches. You can ask Alexa or Google to find any movies starring a particular actor, browse through a specific genre and even turn your TV on and off—great for operating a TV while cooking or doing some other activity.

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Helpfully, this much-loved set works with both Google and Amazon Alexa. TCL

This product uses contrast control zones, which optimize the juxtaposition of dark and light parts of the picture—resulting in a super vivid image quality. TCL